Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Personal Injury Cases and Small Business Insurance

One of the most scandalous attacks on small business has come from personal injury lawyers as they file suits against innocent small business people claiming that negligence of upkeep or repair in their business location caused unnecessary injury to their client. Indeed some businesses are problematic yet in taking responsibility away from the shopper, customer or slip and fall fake it professional seems a little unfortunate.

You see it is widely known that many of these personal injury cases are in fact the fault of the faller and everyone knows it. Many fallers who later sue have an average of 2 or more previous cases where they have sued for monetary compensation from a small or large business. Indeed they find this to be a good way to make a living.

Often we also find chiropractors, doctors and lawyers all in the scam together with the client who claims to be so injured they are in constant pain. Lately private investigators and defense lawyers have gotten smarter and video taped those who claim to have injury doing all sorts of things like water skiing or lifting ATVs in and out of high-rise pick-up trucks. So if you think you are going to scam a business with a personal injury claim, just know we will be watching you every step of the way and then sue you for fraud.

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